Does your child like to play games for a long time? Beware of "sudden deafness"!

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During the epidemic, due to the need for online classes, children's time using electronic products has increased significantly. Computers, tablets, and smartphones that are usually strictly guarded by parents have legitimate reasons for use. Online classes are one thing, but the opportunities and time for playing games have also increased significantly.

Children are addicted to electronic devices, which affects their studies, and the risk of noise-induced hearing loss is increasing due to improper use of their ears.

Children are in the stage of growth and development, and their nervous systems have not yet fully matured. Their auditory organs are very sensitive to various adverse stimuli and are easily damaged.

"A 7-year-old boy suddenly became deaf and unable to hear, and the test results made his mother regretful", "A 13-year-old boy who often stayed up all night playing mobile phones suffered from sudden deafness", "Wearing headphones to play games for two consecutive days, the young man "Suffering from sudden deafness", open the search engine and search, these news are almost endless, common.

The biggest harm caused by deafness to teenagers is its impact on language development, followed by retardation of intellectual development, making it difficult to integrate into mainstream society when they grow up.

Short-term, low-intensity noise may cause temporary hearing loss, accompanied by temporary threshold shifts. This kind of damage can occur after a certain period of time after leaving the noise environment. recover.

However, long-term exposure to a noisy environment may cause damage and degeneration of hair cells, reduce blood supply to the inner ear, and cause irreversible hearing loss.

The key to preventing ear diseases is to "pay attention to protection when hearing is good, and intervene as early as possible when hearing loss". Don't neglect ear protection just because you have better hearing when you are young. , causing ear damage unknowingly.

It is unrealistic for children to completely eliminate the use of electronic devices. Xiaoou here calls on parents to guide their children to enjoy the convenience and entertainment brought by electronic devices while cultivating self-control and Good ear-using habits and don’t neglect the health of your ears.

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