What are the main causes of hearing loss?

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With the increase in life pressure, accelerated pace of life, and increasing age, many people begin to suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss, which seriously affects their lives.

What are the main causes of hearing loss? 1. Congenital hearing loss refers to the loss of hearing function after birth, which can be subdivided into hereditary and acquired hearing loss.
1.1 Hereditary hearing loss is mostly caused by genetic inheritance from parents
1.2 Acquired hearing loss may be caused by viral infections such as colds, rubella, sores, etc. that the mother contracted during the first three months of pregnancy, resulting in hair loss on the fetal auditory organs. Caused by cell development disorders.

2. Otitis media
Inflammatory lesions involving all or part of the structure of the middle ear are more common in children and can be divided into secretory and suppurative otitis media.
2.1 Secretory otitis media
Because there is no pus, fever, or earache, the child does not seek medical treatment until his academic performance declines and his personality changes. This often delays diagnosis and treatment. It is one of the common causes of deafness in children. . The main clinical manifestations are hearing loss, which can change with changes in body position, mild earache, tinnitus, ear fullness and occlusion, and the sound of water can be heard when shaking the head.
2.2 Suppurative otitis media
Includes sequelae of otitis media such as acute and chronic suppurative otitis media and tympanic membrane perforation. The main clinical manifestations include earache, pus discharge, tympanic membrane perforation, hearing loss, etc.

3. Hearing loss caused by the use of ototoxic drugs
Refers to deafness caused by the abuse of certain drugs or long-term exposure to certain chemicals. Common ototoxic drugs include gentamicin, Salicylic acid analgesics, diuretics, anti-cancer drugs, etc. Common ototoxic chemicals include aluminum, phosphorus, arsenic, benzene, etc.

4. Inner ear infections
Viral (rubella virus, measles, mumps), bacterial meningitis, syphilis, etc. are common.

5. Noise
Exposure to a noisy environment may manifest as temporary hearing loss, that is, hearing will be completely restored after avoiding the noise. However, long-term exposure to noise can cause permanent hearing loss.
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6. Presbycusic hearing loss
Clinically, the symmetrical and progressive neurological deafness that begins to appear in old age is called presbycusis. Growth will cause a series of aging phenomena. Presbycusis is an auditory dysfunction caused by the aging of the auditory system.

7. Traumatic hearing loss
Ear or head injuries are accompanied by hearing loss. During face-to-face conversations, patients with early deafness often interrupt or ask the other party to repeat themselves. When on the phone, always ask the other party to raise their volume. And whenever they speak, the volume of their own words often increases unconsciously. It is difficult to hear conversations between other people, even at close range.

8. Other causes

Including sudden hearing loss, cerumen embolism, Eustachian tube dysfunction, Meniere's disease, otosclerosis, auditory neuropathy, and ear tumors wait.

Hearing loss is a serious social problem. It not only affects the quality of life of individuals, but also brings a heavy haze to families. When they cannot hear, many people will choose to minimize communication with others, or even psychologically refuse to communicate. Over time, their memory and understanding of language will deteriorate.

The problem of facing hearing loss, actively preventing and treating hearing problems can effectively avoid the physiological and psychological effects of hearing loss. Healthy hearing is a key to opening a happy life. One of the personal life issues is also a corporate proposition that Taier Group and VLIKE brand are exploring.

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