How can hearing loss be alleviated or treated?

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The ear is the organ that hears beautiful sounds. If the ear is affected by disease, it will directly lead to people's hearing loss. Progressive hearing loss is also a problem that many people are prone to face in today's life. Therefore, you first need to understand effective treatment. and mitigation methods.

How to alleviate or treat hearing loss?
1. Stay optimistic: When a person is emotionally excited, adrenaline secretion will increase, causing spasm of the small arteries in the inner ear. The blood flow in the small blood vessels will be slow, which will lead to blood flow disorders and insufficient oxygen supply to the inner ear. Sudden deafness occurs.

2. Adjust diet: In daily life, you should eat more foods rich in zinc, iron, and calcium, which can effectively expand capillaries, thereby promoting blood supply to the inner ear and preventing hearing loss.

3. Use with caution or prohibit drugs that damage the auditory nerve: Before taking the drug, you should carefully read the drug instructions or ask the doctor whether there is ototoxicity. People with a history of ototoxic drug allergy in the family should be more careful. Medication should be used with caution.
4. Avoid exposure to noise: Prolonged exposure of the ears to noise can lead to noise-induced deafness, so stay away from noise. Especially for some young people, wearing headphones for a long time and listening to loud music is also an important reason why deafness is becoming younger and younger.
5. Frequent massage: Massaging the auricle, lifting and pinching the earlobe, massaging the Fengchi point, etc. are very beneficial to hearing health care. You can also sit quietly with your eyes closed, put the index fingers of both hands into the ear holes, and then quickly leave the ear holes, and do this 10 times in a row. This exercise is considered by traditional Chinese medicine to refresh the brain, strengthen the mind, and improve the hearing and vision.
6. Don’t pick out your ears casually: The skin of the external auditory canal of the ear is relatively delicate and is closely connected to the perichondrium. It has less subcutaneous tissue and poor blood circulation. Improper use of force when picking out the ears can easily cause damage and infection of the external auditory canal, leading to swelling and inflammation of the external auditory canal. It may also injure the tympanic membrane, causing perforation of the tympanic membrane, leading to hearing loss. For people who have a lot of earwax in their ear canals, they can use sterilized sanitary swabs to clean their ear canals every day. If they encounter earwax embolism, they need to go to the hospital for treatment by a doctor.
7. Actively treat high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, cerebral arteriosclerosis and diabetes: Elderly people suffering from these diseases, especially those with arteriosclerosis, are prone to obstruction of blood supply in the inner ear and cause sudden deafness. Therefore, active treatment of these diseases is also important to prevent microcirculation disorders and delay hearing loss in the elderly.
8. Patients who have experienced hearing loss for three months and cannot recover through treatment should choose Hearing Aids as soon as possible. Because if the auditory hair cells in the inner ear cannot detect sound for a long time, the auditory sensitivity will decrease, causing further hearing loss. This is the so-called "use it or lose it" principle.

As an organ, the ear itself undergoes a certain aging process, and overwork,Poor sleep, depression, noise, drugs, and systemic diseases can all lead to hearing loss. The key to avoiding hearing loss is prevention. Although hearing deterioration is inevitable with age, hearing can be protected through active lifestyle intervention and scientific ear use. For example, you should maintain a good mental state at ordinary times, use with caution or prohibit drugs that damage the auditory nerve, and try to avoid working and living in a noisy environment. In addition, many young people like to use headphones to listen to MP3. If the time is too long, it will cause damage to the hearing. It is recommended that the time should not exceed half an hour. After hearing loss occurs, the ears receive less sound due to hearing loss, which will further reduce the degree of deafness. Use hearing aids as early as possible scientifically and use hearing aids all year round. Your hearing will be exercised, and the degree of hearing impairment will be better than if you never use hearing aids. The more, the better the effect of early intervention and early treatment!

Because in modern life, many elderly people are prone to face this phenomenon, so everyone must pay attention to the fact that as you get older, you should also protect your hearing. Pay more attention. If there are abnormal problems, then scientific treatment and solutions are needed to reduce this hearing loss, which has an impact on our lives.

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