Will frequent ear picking harm your ears?

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Nowadays, many people like to pick their ears when they have nothing to do in daily life, and there are more and more ways to pick their ears. It is common to see many people picking out their ears with cotton swabs, small hairpins, and ear picks. In fact, frequent ear picking is very harmful to health.

Will frequent ear picking harm the ears?
Many people will pick their ears whenever they feel itchy. Some people like to pick their ears when they have nothing to do. In fact, these practices are not advisable. It is not suitable to pick your ears frequently. Frequently picking your ears is not only harmful but also harmful. It is good for ear health but also harmful to ears.
A healthy external auditory canal itself has a self-cleaning function, so there is no need to clean it frequently. The scientific name of earwax is "cerumen", which is a light yellow viscous liquid secreted by the cerumen glands on the cartilage of the external auditory canal. Cerumen can block dirt entering the external auditory canal from the outside and adhere to dust and bugs to protect the eardrum. At the same time, it covers the surface of the ear canal skin and keeps the skin moist.
Plucking the ears can easily cause damage to the ear canal. If the method is improper, the earwax will be pushed deep into the ear canal, blocking the ear canal and affecting hearing; if excessive force is used when digging, the skin of the external auditory canal and even the eardrum will be damaged, and bacteria will take the opportunity to invade, causing otitis externa; if the eardrum is dug out, the eardrum will be perforated and cause bleeding. , it will feel very painful. In addition, some people leave foreign objects such as cotton, match heads, etc. in the ear canal when digging their ears.

In most cases, earwax will slowly move from the inside of the ear canal to the mouth of the ear canal, dry in the air and form yellow flakes. Through the movement of the mandibular joint during chewing, it will continue to fall off and be discharged out of the ear. , there is no problem of blocking the ear canal, nor will hearing loss be affected by excess earwax.

How to clean your ears correctly?

Generally, people with healthy ear canals do not need to pick their ears frequently. They only need to pick their ears when excessive earwax causes ear discomfort. However, you cannot use hairpins, matchsticks, toothpicks and other sharp and unclean instruments to dig your ears. You can choose medical cotton swabs sold in pharmacies to gently clean out the earwax. If you have oily ears and the earwax is not easy to dry and discharge on its own, you can use a medical cotton swab dipped in a little 75% alcohol and wipe it frequently to clean the external auditory canal. Don't take it out too often. It's usually appropriate to take out your ears once every half a month or so.

People with chronic otitis externa will secrete more earwax, which is difficult to discharge and will form hard lumps. If there is a hard object blocking the ear canal, it will be uncomfortable, particularly itchy, or If you have symptoms such as drainage and pain, it may be cerumen embolism or inflammation, and you should go to a regular ear, nose and throat hospital for treatment.

Ears are also very important to the human body, so we should also protect our ears well in life, reduce the number of times we pick out our ears as much as possible, and protect our ears well. .

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