How to judge noise pollution in life?

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Many people believe that hearing loss is a normal and natural phenomenon for people. As age increases, physiological functions gradually deteriorate, and hearing loss occurs. In fact, this is not the case. The occurrence of hearing loss is related to a variety of factors, such as noise stimulation, frequent wearing of headphones, other ear diseases, etc., which may cause hearing loss.

How to judge noise pollution in life?
* Different regions have different standards for noise pollution. According to the national environmental noise standards in urban areas:
* The standard value for residents, cultural and educational districts is 55 decibels during the day, and 45 decibels at night;
* The standard value for residential, commercial, and industrial mixed areas is 60 decibels during the day. 50 decibels at night;
* The industrial concentration area is 65 decibels during the day and 55 decibels at night;
* The noise standard value on both sides of the main traffic road is 70 decibels during the day and 55 decibels at night.
* Exceeding the above standards will cause harm to the human body.
* The most direct impact of noise is hearing damage. Being in a loud decibel (above 60 decibel) noise environment for a long time will damage hearing and even cause noise-induced deafness.

How to avoid noise pollution in life

1. Avoid vehicle noise
In communities next to the main highway, the traffic volume is It will be very loud, and some drivers honking their horns indiscriminately will greatly affect the surrounding residents. Therefore, when purchasing a house, you can choose a community, but you must consider the orientation. If the room faces the road, it will inevitably be polluted by these noises. In addition, some overweight and overloaded large trucks will be dispatched at night for fear of being inspected by the traffic police, and some slag trucks will also be dispatched secretly at night. These are sources of noise in communities near highways.

2. Pay attention to noise in public places

Because places with a large flow of people generally have a lot of noise, so be careful not to settle in these places as much as possible. Various hawking noises can It's annoying to say it all the time. Even if you stay at home, you will feel like you are in a vegetable market. At night, the sounds of punches and drinks coming from the food stalls will linger in your ears for a long time, and may even keep you in a state of insomnia for a long time.

3. Pay attention to the noise of air conditioning equipment
Office buildings or hotels usually use some high-efficiencyHigh-efficiency air conditioning equipment produces noise that can be heard far away. You should also pay attention to avoid such an environment, especially in an environment like an office building, where the noise generated by the high-power air conditioning equipment often lasts all day long. If the house you choose is facing the exhaust vent, , will also be affected by dirty air.

4. Pay attention to the noise in squares

Nowadays, square dancing is quite popular, and if you live in these places, it will also be greatly affected. Some larger squares are definitely a source of noise pollution. You want to have a good rest, but some businesses often hold promotional activities, which are filled with the sound of games and shouting, making it difficult for people to sleep peacefully. . In normal times, the square dance performed by Chinese aunts in the square is even more unique. The fast rhythm from the loudspeaker can almost make you suffocate.

5. Pay attention to school noise
Although school is a good place, friends who like quiet should be aware that school is also a source of noise pollution. Especially in elementary schools, those elementary school students arrive very early, and they will chirp like sparrows when there are many people. Moreover, the school will basically use the radio to announce, and usually play a piece of children's music during recess. Of course, if you If you like it, that's a different matter.

6. Pay attention to the noise at the station

The station is not only where people come and go, but also where cars come and go. The station itself is a public place, and it is also a place with serious noise pollution. Especially for some small bus stations, the situation is not optimistic. In addition to the noise caused by the large number of people here, there will also be the sound of some vehicles soliciting passengers. , these operating buses are basically privately contracted. In order to attract more passengers, they often loiter at the exit of the station and loudly solicit passengers.

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