My hearing is poor, is there any way to improve it?

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According to American Paul. According to statistics from Professor Paul Rankin, "listening" accounts for 45% of people's daily language activities, "speaking" accounts for 30%, "reading" accounts for 16%, and "writing" only accounts for 9%. This shows that "listening" plays an important role in people's daily language activities. The important position in language communication; Brian Tracy, the famous American success master, mentioned in his classic book 21 Secrets of Self-made Millionaire that learning through audio materials is a revolution in learning methods in the 21st century. "Listening" is the key to human acquisition. The significance of information can be seen clearly.

My hearing is poor, is there any way to improve it? Methods to improve hearing 1. Improve hearing through exercise. Don’t have sensorineural hearing loss or conductive hearing loss and just want to improve your hearing? Then do aerobic exercise regularly to promote blood circulation in the ears and adjust hearing.
2. Practice filtering out noise. Play music at a very low volume while chatting with friends. Gradually add a second and third piece of music, but continue to focus on the conversation. This trains the ear to filter out ambient sounds.
3. Practice judging the direction of the sound source. Close your eyes and let your friend walk to a seat some distance away from you, such as 6 meters or more. Have him use a horn or bell to make a sound for 2 seconds, and then you point in the direction of the source of the sound. Let friends change the direction and distance every time.
4. Practice identifying various sounds. Close your eyes and listen to all the different sounds in your environment. Identify the sounds you hear, both far and near, one by one. The more you practice, the more sounds you can learn to recognize.

What methods can be used to improve irreversible sensorineural hearing loss?
1. Repair auditory hair cells
For example, some researchers found that certain proteins in sea anemones can restore damaged auditory hair cells in mice; for example, mouse cochlear development growth factors were cultured in vitro to regulate cells. Growth; for example, the discovery of similarities between intestinal stem cells and cochlear cells in order to seek new methods to treat hearing loss...
However, the continuous breakthrough research progress is still only at the laboratory stage such as mice, and the specific requirements are Its application to humans may take several years or decades, and requires a long process of clinical trials and drug approval, and more in-depth research is still needed.

2. Hearing Aids
Sensorineural hearing loss is usually caused by natural aging of the body, long-term high-intensity noise, ototoxic drugs, genetics and other reasons.

Although permanent hearing loss cannot be "cured", it is internationally recognized that patients can amplify sound through hearing aids, cochlear implants and other hearing aid devices (which require surgical implantation), improve listening and improve communication.

Therefore, if the ear has poor hearing, depending on the specific situation, some can be treated with medicine, some require surgery, and some may not seem to be able to restore hearing, but it can also be "helped". listen".

In life, you also need to take the following measures to avoid the occurrence of tinnitus: do not use earplugs to listen to things like a Walkman for a long time; effective ways to avoid environmental noise Stay away from noise sources or wear earplugs in noisy environments. Earplugs can reduce sound by 15 to 20 decibels. If tinnitus occurs when using ototoxic drugs, stop using them immediately; control blood pressure within the normal range; reduce salt intake; do not Use stimulating drinks, such as coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, and quit smoking; improve blood circulation through more exercise; correct and treat oral diseases such as malocclusion in a timely manner; appropriate supplementation of zinc-containing preparations for the elderly can help prevent tinnitus occur.

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