The "Three Musketeers" of common ear diseases: tinnitus, otitis media and sudden deafness

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Hearing health is often overlooked by people. Once problems occur, it will seriously affect physical health and quality of life.

At present, common ear diseases such as tinnitus, otitis media and sudden deafness are seriously threatening people's hearing health.


Relevant data shows that among the 130 million tinnitus patients in China, about 100 million are young and middle-aged people. And the trend of tinnitus onset is developing towards younger people.

The causes of tinnitus are complicated and difficult to determine, and they are also very harmful. Early detection can avoid tragedies.
Up to now, the world has not found a good method to treat tinnitus. Generally, in addition to drug treatment, tinnitus patients are given noise masking treatment with the help of equipment.

If your tinnitus disappears automatically in 1-2 days, you need to rest more and don't be too nervous; but if it is persistent tinnitus, you cannot ignore its existence and you should get treatment as soon as possible.

Otitis media Otitis media is a common ear disease. Although it mostly occurs in children whose Eustachian tubes are not fully developed, it also occurs in all ages. For example, if water enters the ears while bathing or chokes on water while swimming, bacteria may enter the Eustachian tube with the water and cause otitis media;
Some people may even cause otitis media by eating spicy food or smoking;
Some people "Aerialists" often travel by plane due to business dealings, so they may suffer from aviation otitis media;
In addition, if you listen to high-decibel music with headphones for a long time, it is also easy to cause chronic otitis media.

The symptoms of acute otitis media are relatively prominent. Patients will present with sudden ear pain, often accompanied by upper respiratory tract infection symptoms such as colds and coughs. If the above symptoms appear, do not ignore them easily. You should seek medical treatment promptly to avoid delaying treatment.

Sudden deafness: People’s pace of life nowadays is generally accelerated, and bad habits such as staying up late, excessive fatigue, and irregular diets lead to the onset of sudden deafness. The rate is increasing year by year, and the age of onset is getting younger. Sudden deafness is often accompanied by symptoms such as deafness, tinnitus, vertigo, ear infarction, and nystagmus.

Sudden deafness should be treated immediately after the onset. The best time for treatment is within a week. About 80% can be cured or have partial hearing recovery. If treatment is continued for more than two weeks, the effect will be very unsatisfactory.

When many young people experience ear discomfort, they often think it is headache, dizziness, and earache that accompanies a sub-healthy state of the body., which can easily delay the "golden time" of treatment and lead to aggravation of the condition.

Xiao Ou is here to remind everyone that ear health is closely related to our quality of life. Once problems arise, they should be treated in time!

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