Why do I get tinnitus when riding in a car? Is it normal or is it a disease?

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Many people are prone to tinnitus symptoms when riding in a car. Is this a normal physiological phenomenon or a physical disease?

Normal Phenomenon
Affected by Noise
When riding in a car, it is easy to occur due to the influence of the horn, the noise of the car engine, the friction between the car and the air at high speed, etc. The phenomenon of dizziness and tinnitus is especially likely to occur in people who lack exercise after sitting in a car for a long time.

Cause of air pressure changes

When a car is driving, due to frequent starting, braking, acceleration, etc., the surrounding air pressure may change. The air enters the middle ear through the Eustachian tube, and the eardrum is pressed by the air pressure. pressure, causing tinnitus.

Caused by bumps and vibrations
Encountering severe vibrations or bumps while riding in a car may cause the cerumen to loosen and fall off from the external auditory canal, causing embolism and causing ear stuffiness. Boredom and tinnitus.

Causes of motion sickness

During motion sickness, discomfort symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting will occur. It can also easily lead to disorders of the auditory nervous system and the body will be in a state of fatigue. If you continue to ride in the car, it will Can cause tinnitus.

Physical illness
Caused by auditory diseases

People with some auditory system diseases are prone to aggravated tinnitus symptoms after sitting in a car for a long time. Diseases such as otitis media, otosclerosis, and trauma can easily cause tinnitus in daily life.

Caused by systemic diseases
In addition to auditory system diseases, some systemic diseases may also cause tinnitus while riding in a car, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, endocrine diseases, etc. .

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