At what level of hearing loss is generally considered bad for middle-aged people?

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According to statistics released by Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare, among the registered hearing-impaired people in Taiwan, about 75% are seniors over 60 years old. A questionnaire survey in Taipei shows that most people with poor hearing recall that , I feel that 45 is the age at which hearing loss begins. This statement has also been confirmed by some doctors in Taiwan, but unfortunately, most people do not seek medical treatment in time when their hearing begins to decline. After hearing loss, most people choose to "make do" and must be fitted with Hearing Aids. Sometimes, there is often a feeling of rejection at the beginning.

At what level of hearing loss is generally considered bad for middle-aged people?
At present, hearing loss of 61-80dB is classified as severe hearing loss internationally. If the hearing loss reaches this level, you can be equipped with invisible hearing aids. The basic question of choosing an in-ear machine is based on the ear's inability to If you have pus and water and the hearing is not extremely severe, if you don’t have these symptoms, you can wear a super-invisible hearing aid. If you have mild hearing loss, you can consider getting a super-invisible hearing aid. If the hearing loss is particularly severe, please consult your hearing aid. suggestion.

Medically speaking, senile hearing loss mainly manifests as: slowly progressive bilateral symmetrical hearing loss, sometimes accompanied by persistent tinnitus. To put it bluntly, people think that "people cannot hear well when they are old". 40 decibels is just an average value. We don’t know how much the patient’s high-frequency part has been lost, and we don’t know whether the patient has conductive hearing loss or neural hearing loss. It is recommended that you go to a regular hospital or go to Haisheng Hearing for a professional test. . Let a professional hearing aid be chosen for you as soon as possible

The four stages of hearing loss in the elderly
The elderly will go through four periods after hearing loss , the earlier the intervention is carried out, the better the later effects will be. The following four stages are the early to late manifestations of hearing loss:

1. Indifference period

When hearing loss first occurs, general life and social interaction will only be slightly affected. Elderly people usually don't care about their hearing changes, and usually think that they are caused by inattention or anger. Many people also have the idea that "people's hearing should be bad as they get older." In fact, this is the best time for hearing intervention, but this stage is often ignored by 99% of people.

2. Anxiety Period
As hearing continues to decline, hearing loss has affected the social life and daily life of the elderly. At this time, there will be slight Due to language barriers, due to unclear hearing or missing information, the elderly sometimes show anxiety and irritable temper at this time. Some childrenAt this time, the girl has observed the changes in her parents' mood, but usually does not think about hearing. At this time, the elderly usually think that as long as others speak loudly to themselves, it is enough, but they do not know that their speech understanding ability has declined at this time. When others speak faster, they cannot understand the meaning of the language.

3. Depressive Period
At this time, the hearing condition has greatly affected life, the speech ability continues to deteriorate, and language communication difficulties have appeared. At this time, the elderly's communication with other people has become very difficult. Passive. When others are talking and laughing, the elderly often leave alone to avoid or be in a daze. Communication with family members becomes less and less, which even affects family relationships.
Most elderly people receive hearing intervention at this time, but hearing loss has already affected their thinking ability. At this time, speech discrimination ability will be relatively reduced. Some elderly people think that the hearing aid is not effective, but in fact it is often the case. Cerebral cortex degeneration. The elderly who have just started hearing intervention during this period need help from their family members to build confidence, slow down their speech speed when communicating, communicate patiently, and gradually recover.

4. Autism period

Hearing loss is often more serious at this time. The elderly cannot communicate smoothly with others for a long time and cannot obtain information smoothly through hearing. Some people have begun to There are signs of Alzheimer's disease, and his speech ability has severely atrophied. At this time, the old man's social activities have basically stopped, and he is already in a quite autistic state. But even during this period, it is not too late to carry out hearing intervention.

Therefore, during the four periods of hearing loss in middle-aged and elderly people, the sooner hearing intervention is carried out, the better the later effects will be; intervention, the quality of life of parents in their later years will be better.

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