Transforming the Customer Journey

CRM Strategy

You’re looking to enter new markets, to launch new products and to run a lean and agile business. Your CRM strategy needs to enable this vision.

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CRM Solution Design

Get a CRM platform that supports the range of products, services and markets that your strategy calls for, and allows fast time-to-market.

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CRM Vendor Selection

Find the partners that can help you realise your vision, and build a CRM capability to support it.

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CRM Delivery Assurance

Most projects fail. Making sure they don’t requires effective leadership based on experience.

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What drives your business? In the digital age, successful businesses are driven by the value and the experience they deliver to their customers. The power of the customer to make – or break – a business has never been greater. And this power is getting stronger as customers have access to more information and more channels for sharing their views.

Transforming your operating model to deliver more and more customer value is vital, but difficult. T-exec’s Customer Journey Mapping service shows you the operational and process changes that will deliver the most value – to both your customers and your business – and gives you the framework you need to design and implement the systems that realise your vision.

Our focus on customer-oriented ‘themes’ and short, sharp projects (we call them ‘Quick Wins’) ensures that these transformations are adopted quickly by the business and deliver value immediately. This quickens the heartbeat of the organisation and gets everyone focused on customer-driven change.

The result is increased dynamism, a more compelling value proposition, and happy customers – just what your competitors don’t want to see!

For a more detailed analysis of how Customer Journey Mapping separates the leading companies from the rest when it comes to CRM implementations see our white paper ‘Is your CRM Implementation on a Collision Course with your Customers?’


The success of your strategy depends on your brand, your products and your people.

But all of your interactions with customers are informed – or inhibited – by your CRM platform.

Get a CRM that is a source of competitive advantage, not a legacy handicap.

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Nothing damages customer loyalty more than billing errors.

Good billing is expected – there is no upside.

Bad billing is expensive – in more ways than one.

Your business needs a strong and efficient billing capability just to stay in the digital game.

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In the digital world, customers expect to buy what they want, when they want it, from whatever device they are using.

And pay immediately.

Any business that aspires to be in this game needs real-time charging and payment technology.

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Revenue Assurance

Where does all the money go?

Well, in too many cases, the answer is ‘No-one knows’.

Disconnected processes and systems are prime culprits.

Learn how a forensic approach to Revenue Assurance can help you plug the leaks and improve margins.