Skype – Delivering an Enterprise Billing Solution in 6 months

Skype is used by millions of people all over the world to communicate with friends and family. Increasingly, it is being adopted by businesses who want real-time video communication from a simple and inexpensive desktop solution. Skype has launched a range of new services to cater for these Enterprise users and wanted an effective billing solution for these customers.

T-exec consultants helped Skype to analyse its business need and to design the required solution. Working closely with the Skype executive team in the UK and US, T-exec consultants were instrumental in negotiating a creative implementation and financing plan with the chosen vendor. The T-exec consulting team – Analysts, Architects and Quality Assurance professionals – then worked alongside the chosen vendor to deliver the solution in a record low time of 6 months.

This amazing result is a testament to the drive and energy of the Skype team and the expertise and commitment of the T-exec consultants that worked with them on the project.

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