MS Dynamics Consulting

BSS Strategy

You’re looking to enter new markets, to launch new products and to run a lean and agile business. Your BSS strategy needs to enable this vision. Let’s talk.

BSS Solution Design

Get a BSS platform that supports the range of products, services and markets that your strategy calls for, and allows fast time-to-market. Work with us.

BSS Vendor Selection

Find the partners that can help you realise your vision, and build a BSS capability to support it. We’ll show you how.

BSS Delivery Assurance

Most projects fail. Making sure they don’t requires effective leadership based on experience. We can help you there.

T-exec is a Microsoft Partner specialising in the design and implementation of innovative CRM solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform

Our consulting focuses on the Financial Services, Telecoms and Media & Entertainment sectors.

We help our customers to define their CRM strategy, solution architecture and implementation methods to ensure they meet their business objectives for each project.

We provide expert consultants that work within the customer’s own teams – leading, guiding and mentoring, but most of all delivering results.

We foster a work environment characterised by energy, collaboration and enjoyment where most of the work is done by the client’s own staff. Not only is this the most cost-effective approach, it also maximises the enthusiasm and commitment of those involved, enhancing job satisfaction and promoting a learning organisation.

If you think this approach can work within your company, we should talk.


The success of your strategy depends on your brand, your products and your people.

But all of your interactions with customers are informed – or inhibited – by your CRM platform.

Get a CRM that is a source of competitive advantage, not a legacy handicap.

Here’s how.


Nothing damages customer loyalty more than billing errors.

Good billing is expected – there is no upside.

Bad billing is expensive – in more ways than one.

Your business needs a strong and efficient billing capability just to stay in the digital game.

We can help you with that.


In the digital world, customers expect to buy what they want, when they want it, from whatever device they are using.

And pay immediately.

Any business that aspires to be in this game needs real-time charging and payment technology.

Find out how to get it.

Revenue Assurance

Where does all the money go?

Well, in too many cases, the answer is ‘No-one knows’.

Disconnected processes and systems are prime culprits.

Learn how a forensic approach to Revenue Assurance can help you plug the leaks and improve margins.